Luis “Kuki” de Dios is an artist blessed with many talents and a huge passion for watersports. He loves the ocean, the waves and surfing – simply the whole lifestyle. Just have a look at his art and you will exactly see where he comes from: with projects like “Skeleton Sea”, in which he creates mindblowing sculptures with trash found in the oceans, he gained attention in the surfing- as well as art scene.


As Kuki shared his creativity with ION right from the brand´s first steps, it was pretty obvious to get him involved with the 2014 apparel line and ask him for a new Artist Collection. In his eyes, surfing made a negative progression in the last couple of years: too many people, aggressive arguments over spots and waves as well as a bad vibe are a kind of apocalyptic state for what he loves most. In comparison to that, surfing is all about simple and positive things which he calls “Surf Toys”. And those are his approach to the new collection: boards, waves, fun, good times, imagination and of course women. Or could you imagine a life without women?